DESOI M-Power 30L-2C VA

  • The two components are fed separately to the mixing head
  • Deairing device for highly viscous material
  • Removable fork piece for individual operation of each pump and easy cleaning
  • All material contacting parts of stainless steel
Material to be used
  • acrylate gel
  • 2C injection resin
Technical data
Working pressure - acc. to compressive force 0 - 50 bar
Delivery rate 40 cm³/stroke
Mixing ratio 1 : 1
Weight 23 kg
L x W x H 108 x 51 x 70 cm
Product description
The robust and compact manual reciprocating pump DESOI M-Power 30L-2C VA is made for quick-reacting injection materials. The pump is ideal for short-time service on site.
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